Roads and Bridges During An Emergency

Mississippi’s roads and bridges are vital to our state’s well-being, now more than ever. The current situation in our country and in our state has now made that even clearer. Goods and services must now be transported around the state at an increased rate, meaning our roads and bridges must be able to handle that increased load.

Now more than ever, the safety of our roads and bridges must be a priority for elected officials. As we head into uncertain times for not only our nation, but for the state of Mississippi, our roads and bridges are what will connect emergency services, medical care, and essential supplies which all of us will rely on. Repairs and maintenance to crumbling roads and bridges could be the difference in Mississippi resident’s lives in the upcoming weeks and months, not something that can be taken lightly or ignored.

People across the state have warned that Mississippi’s transportation network is on the brink of crisis due to a lack of maintenance and proper funding. If roads and bridges began to fail at the anticipated rate, Mississippi would be left struggling in a situation where goods and services need to be provided quickly.

Due to the current circumstances, the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) is authorizing a temporary weight increase for commercial vehicles providing direct support for the emergency pandemic response. While this decision is great for our state’s response, what do communities do that rely on roads and bridges that are not able to support these heavier trucks?

This is a prime example of why it is key that we make sure our transportation network can handle the crisis at hand and the crisis’ to come in the future. This isn’t just about roads and bridges, it’s about Mississippian’s well-being.