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Mississippi Rural Roads and Bridges

Rural roads and bridges are essential to any state’s economic well-being. Mississippi is no different, with small towns and communities throughout the state relying on these roads and bridges to connect them and provide access to local economies. This network of towns and communities, linked through Mississippi’s rural roads and bridges, plays a vital role in our state’s economy by facilitating the movement of goods and services.

In 2017, The Road Improvement Program (TRIP) evaluated all 50 U.S. states on a set of criteria intended to rate the structural integrity of their rural roads and bridges. According to the report, Mississippi’s rural roads were rated in poor condition, and as the 7th worst in the nation. As Mississippi’s population and economy expand, the demand for consumer and business products continues to grow. In turn, manufacturers need to ship larger amounts of goods in order to fulfill this demand. This process increases both traffic congestion and strain on Mississippi’s highways and rural roads and bridges. These are factors companies are increasingly looking at when deciding where to relocate.

According to a second report commissioned by TRIP in 2017, 77% of goods shipped to and from sites in Mississippi were carried by truck. The condition of rural roads and bridges have huge impacts on these routes and the transportation of goods. The condition of rural roads and bridges throughout the state hinders the overall economic growth of our state’s economy by deterring new businesses from investing in Mississippi, while simultaneously making it harder to move goods and services from one point to another.