Gas Prices Plummet Across Mississippi

According to AAA, the average cost per gallon in Mississippi is just under $1.80 per gallon, a big dip in prices from last year at this time when prices were almost $2.40 per gallon. As fuel prices sink, the need for reliable roads and bridges to transport crucial goods and services doesn’t change, but actually increases.

Low fuel prices make this an ideal time for an adjustment to the current gas tax. Repairs to faulty roads and bridges are now more necessary than ever to bring trucks into towns across the state, but our state’s gas tax has not been adjusted since 1987. The lower cost of gas would make an increase to the gas tax less of a burden on Mississippi drivers, but would go a long way to ensure that our state is prepared to respond to the needs of our residents across the state.

While the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) is authorizing a temporary weight increase for commercial vehicles providing direct support for the emergency pandemic response, many small towns across the state are connected by roads and bridges that may not be able to handle the increased weight of the trucks. An adjustment to the state fuel tax could be implemented as a part of a broader relief plan and to make sure Mississippi is prepared to respond to the crisis it is currently facing.

Take action today and tell our state legislators that Mississippi needs a long-term, comprehensive plan to fix our crumbling roads and bridges before it’s too late.