Federal Infrastructure Bill Would Help Now and Lay Foundation for Years to Come

The global pandemic has shredded the US economy in just a matter of weeks. Millions of Americans have been put out of work, and the growth we’ve seen over the past few years seems to have disappeared almost immediately as the country has been forced to come to stand-still. Congress passed a historic $2 trillion dollar stimulus package to help Americans impacted by this economic downturn, but many lawmakers and even President Trump have publicly advocated for an additional bill with an emphasis on infrastructure.

The Hill reported on a bi-partisan group of 20 members of Congress, who urged House leadership to support an infrastructure bill. The Hill, a prominent news source, supported the idea, saying, “This is also good, as infrastructure spending not only can provide the immediate economic stimulus, but also provides a foundation for further economic development down the road.”

While President Trump and the Democrats do not share the same views on many initiatives; the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi has voiced support for infrastructure to be a key part of the federal response to revamp the economy. Republican Senator John Barrasso from Wyoming, also voiced support of the President, responding to his Tweet:

In order for the United States to come back from this economic downturn, the Federal response must have an immediate impact while also providing a foundation for economic development down the road. An infrastructure bill would do just that.