Road Advocates Launch Campaign to Fix Mississippi’s Roads

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Michael Arnemann 

Road Advocates Launch Campaign to Fix Mississippi’s Roads

Coalition launches aggressive, digital-first campaign to connect voters with lawmakers on the dangerous condition of the state’s crumbling roads.

Jackson – A coalition of advocates to fix Mississippi’s roads and bridges has launched a new campaign to build support for improving the state’s failing infrastructure. The Fix MS Roads campaign is asking drivers and the public to join them in their efforts to push lawmakers to pass a comprehensive plan to meet the state’s growing transportation needs. 

The Fix MS Roads coalition has launched an innovative, digital-first campaign to encourage people to share what they think of Mississippi’s roads. The effort leads off by asking Mississippians to complete the sentence “MS Roads Are ________.” Constituents will also be able to upload photos of crumbling and dangerous roads from their daily commutes.  

“People are frustrated. This campaign is about sharing the problems our roads and bridges mean to people at an individual level,” said Mike Pepper, Executive Director of Mississippi Road Builders Association (MRBA) and Fix MS Road’s Director. “Drivers, business owners and all those that depend on the transportation industry share this monumental frustration.”

30 states around the country, including several Southeastern states, have enacted long-term plans to increase the level of investments in their roads and bridges. 

“Mississippi is in danger of being left behind. If other states in the conservative South can make significant long term comprehensive investment, surely we can,” Pepper said.

“Republicans, Democrats and Independents all agree, maintaining our roads and bridges is a core function of government. It affects all of us – our families, our businesses and our state’s economic opportunities,” said Michael Arnemann, Executive Director of the Mississippi Asphalt Pavement Association (MAPA) and Director of Fix MS Roads. “Legislators in Jackson need to stop ignoring the issue and begin working together on a plan to stop our roads and bridges from crumbling.”

A 2017 study from a national transportation research group, TRIP, examined the state of Mississippi’s roads and bridges. The numbers show the state’s transportation system is in poor shape:

  • One out three of our state’s roads are in “poor or worse” condition.
  • 2,098 bridges are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete
  • 12% of the state’s bridges are “substandard”
  • 2nd highest traffic fatality rate in the nation in 2017

The last time Mississippi passed a comprehensive funding plan for the state’s transportation infrastructure was in 1987. 

“Our roads and bridges are crumbling beneath us,” said Arnemann. “Car repairs are hitting people in their wallets, holding our state’s economy back and putting our people’s lives at risk. We can’t wait any longer for a plan to fix our roads.”

With the upcoming primaries and general elections, the Fix MS Roads’ campaign launch coincides with the state’s election season. 

“We want people to be roads voters and to engage with the preferred candidates to let them know that fixing our roads and bridges must be their top priority,” said Pepper. “We’re not endorsing a particular candidate in any race… But we are endorsing a plan that ensures our infrastructure is taken care of for current and future generations to come.”


Fix MS Roads is a statewide organization that advocates for improving roads and bridges. Fix MS Roads is made up of drivers, concerned citizens, and business leaders who believe that a safe and efficient highway system is essential to continuing our state’s economic growth.

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